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Can you help with Renovations?

Yes - and we can help alleviate some of the stresses that come along with editing pre-existing building too!

Believe it or not, a renovation is that little bit more complicated than a blank slate site. There are more constraints and conditions that need to be negotiated, and there can be unknowns that reveal themselves only during the construction/demolition process.

Tackling those challenges with an experienced ally, while diving into the design and aesthetic elements of your renovation can ease a lot of stress. That's what we do as Architects - it's part of the job - and we're more than familiar with some (many) of the hairy scenarios that can come up from time to time with an existing building.

It's not something to stress about - it's all part of the process that an Architect can help smooth out with a bit of strategic design and investigations, rather than sprinting into construction with sledge-hammers.

If you've been watching too many renovation reality TV shows, consider yourself that little bit wiser, as of right-now: many of them are doing it all wrong!

Do Architects Project Manage?

Yes (functionally) and No (to the terminology) ... Architect's provide Contract Administration

Architects can provide Project Management services but this is not an Architectural service, and it's actually a service that most Residential (and Commercial) Clients do not need. The confusion is in the question and the definition of the term "Project Management".

Project management is a bit of a misnomer in that it is a role where the project is "managed" by someone who observes the estimated construction timeline (produced by the Builder), and consequently manages contractors and subcontractors - to effectively hurry them up, or notify you, the client, of the delay. This is traditionally the role of the Builder. To clarify, the mandatory qualification and statutory (legal) obligations of a "Project Manager" are none. This may surprise you but title of Project Manager has no formal, mandatory qualification behind it. The basic presumption of a Project Manager is simply to organise contractors and keep them on schedule.

In a traditional construction project, this role actually does not exist. This is taken care of by the Builder or Head-Contractor. There is a design and the Construction Documentation produced by an Architect, that specifies the intricacies and construction of the design, and there is the Builder (or head-contractor, with sub-contractor below him/her) who executes the construction of the project on site.

What Architects provide in this relationship is called Contract Administration. Read more below.

What is Contract Administration?

Contract Admin is arguably the most important service an Architect provides to help deliver a successful project.

Contract Administration is where we, a Registered Architect, administer the Construction Contract, and manage the relationship between yourself and the Builder.

The Builder is the entity that ensures all works are completed as per the Construction Contract, and manages his/her sub-contractors on site. The benefit of having an Architect by your side for this stage of the project is that we provide you with an independent and experienced overview of the progress and proceedings of the appointed builder - our contract is with you, the client, and no one else.

If there are any hiccups, which there often can be, we the Architect are still available to your project to advise on how to adjust or adapt to a change, mistake or discovery on-site; and most importantly, how to best minimise any compromises to the resulting project - be it through our experience in finding solutions, technical or design expertise to take action accordingly.

NOTE: In any construction project there are two contracts in play.

The Client-Architect Agreement - specifying the Architect's obligations to you, the Client, and our role in representing your best interests throughout the construction process, while also acting as an independent authority to the project, to ensure it is executed per the relevant local regulations and laws;

The Construction Contract - specifying the relationship between you, the Client, and the Builder, and the Works that are to be executed on site, as per the design, relevant construction codes, regulation and laws.

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