Industry Expertise

Atelier AHA is founded on industry expertise, intelligence, precision and, most importantly, empathy for the human being.

Our objective is to bring all of this to our clients and the communities that surround them, regardless of project scale or budget.

Unlike many, we are among the first Architectural practices, and other construction industry professionals in Australia, who are fully enabled and highly experienced in the advanced Digital Engineering (BIM) tools we use. We're not just saying this because we've been using it for over 14 years - back when the norm was still 2D - but because the benefits we bring, to designing and executing your project, is tenfold, and the greater opportunities we can show you along the way are even more exciting.

We are part of a thin generation of Architects not only skilled in manual drafting, hand-sketching; designing by classical "feel", understanding of poetics, proportions and psychology of physical space; but also raised within the digital age.

We are - and have been for a long time - using the most advanced and integrated collaborative prototyping tools to literally construct your building digitally from scratch; allowing you to see precisely and with confidence, what your project will look like and how it will feel before a single brick is laid.

All of this interest in tech is purely to support and enhance the reverse side of the coin:

Our experts have been at the forefront of this industry, pioneered, and are continuing to stay ahead of the curve because it only makes.sense, in order to create sensible, human and aspiring architecture for all.


How we work can save you, consultants, collaborators, and even the builder, time and money. It's also why we can focus more on the quality of your project, from the start.

The technology we have been using for over 14 years is still becoming construction industry standard in Australia and around the world.

The tools and processes our people have personally mastered and implemented for other practices and major projects in this time - intelligence that save clients time and money - are still not fully understood or properly utilised by the big corporations trying to use them, nor the many small practices that are often coming to grips with what benefits there are, or are not using them at all.

None of this is new to us.
All of it is why we do what we do.


Our interdisciplinary practice has advanced capabilities in:

For our team, parametric design and the use of BIM in all of the above is considered business as usual. As an additional service, we offer extended project team BIM management and expert strategic planning for collaboration and consultant integration on major projects.

For more detail on our expertise and advanced BIM consultancy services feel free to contact us directly.

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We don't believe in the status quo - and never will - being content with a problem is just not in our DNA. For us, the opportunity to create something better is the reason we decide to create in the first place.

Our practice exists because of the problems we've identified in the past, the questions we've raised, and the answers we've innovated for people we've provided for, all along our journey so far. This is the curiosity we are cultivating as a practice, to continue uncovering many possibilities in the futures we design at Atelier AHA.

Rest assured, we're all ears, and we're here to push forwards!

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