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CYQL is an Ag-tech startup, creating holistic infrastructure that reconnect people in cities to the otherwise natural, and critical, processes that make an ecosystem sustainable and abundant.

The performance of our cities contributes to the loss of our ecosystem to Climate Change, through inneficienctly used space, mono-functional design that in turn engrain behaviour into our culture. We are responding by creating a new ecosystem, to integrate into our existing cities, engage the people, disrupt the status quo and shift culture towards a more resilient, equitable and circular future.

We are beginning with the most basic of human needs: Through the democratisation of food - we're creating automated, resource efficient, vertical ag-tech networks designed specifically for urban lifestyles, by infilling underutilised city space, while rebuilding our urban habitats; creating social equity and ecological impact. We will be empowering communities with our systems, as a mechanism to create this revolution.

A system designed to be scaled by the people, for the people.

For our collective future, we're working towards the
common yield of quality and life - [ CYQL ]

Shifting culture and breaking the status quo:

About Atelier AHA and CYQL:

CYQL was founded by registered Architects Hiranga Goonawardena (Director) and Ashini de Alwis, three years ago as part of Atelier AHA.

CYQL has since evolved to become a startup, for the sole purpose of flexibility and pushing boundaries to achieve impact. Our team's collaboration and design solutions are extending beyond the industries of construction and agriculture - we operate as a truly multi-disciplinary group of collaborators and changemakers, and operate under the brand of Atelier AHA (registered Architects).

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