Because everyone deserves great places to live, work, grow and flourish.

Atelier AHA is a Melbourne based Architecture and Design practice, providing sensible, human, aspiring solutions in all areas of Victoria and overseas.

Lead by experienced Architect, Hiranga Goonawardena, our agile, interdisciplinary team of architects, designers and artists help clients with complex challenges, as well as simple ones too.

Our team work closely with each one from the beginning to help understand the true fundamentals of their architecture and design brief, and focus on their core values early on in the project.

Our workflows are systematic, precise and efficient so that our clients can dive into the real challenges of a project with us; be informed throughout the process, and; experience the design much earlier than other architects make possible.

Bringing over 14 years of experience in the construction industry and additional expertise in adjacent creative fields, our team start every project with zero assumptions, to deliver projects that are true to our client's needs and cause. What we offer is a unique calibre of personal design that is resilient, socially equitable and deeply meaningful for a lifetime of use - not just beautiful.

If you want to try and define us...

Think of us as Social Infrastructure Architects:
we design for the people - not just the machinery.

We patch the gap in design between intelligent Urban Planning, Complex Structures, Facilities and building intrinsically human experiences within our Cities. Critically, we serve the interests of the everyday human being and the living environment, first - before the machinery that many City and Suburb change-makers often get side-tracked by.

We work in the very large scale with great efficiency in complexity, on projects such as bridge designs, metros and aviation projects, all the way down to the micro definition of fine grain details and tactility of human scale experiences in projects such as the everyday workplace and family home.

What we're interested in is creating better places throughout the built environment, to benefit life. How we're doing this is based on a history of expertise breaking boundaries, and ignoring the status quo.

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