Recessed Lighting Ideas for the Bedroom

To make your recessed lighting design as attractive and functional as possible, you must first sketch out the room’s layout. You can do this by creating a blueprint of the room and measuring all the furniture in it. You can then cut paper shapes and use them to map out the light distribution in the room. Then, you can figure out where the best placement is for the recessed lights. After drawing out the design, you need to figure out which items to highlight.

Design Process

After determining the room’s overall layout, you can start designing the recessed lighting. Draw a rough sketch and measure the dimensions to get an accurate representation. It is best to use graph paper because it’s more precise. Include measurements and a scale. It also pays to take enough time to draw a detailed redraw of the space. Once you have the plan, you can move on to the actual installation. But, be sure to make sure your sketch is accurate.

The first step in recessed lighting design is to determine the length of the room. Then, you need to find the total number of lights you’ll need. After that, you can divide the total length by the number of lights in a row. Then, repeat these steps for the width of the room. Once you’ve figured out the length and width of the room, you can determine the distance between the lights.

The next step in recessed lighting design is to take measurements. This is often overlooked by DIYers and can cause a minor home improvement disaster. You should ensure that your design fits between the ceiling joists. This will make wiring and adjusting the layout easier. Once you’ve determined the spacing of the joists, you can start creating your design. You’ll be glad you did.


If you’re installing recessed lighting in the bedroom, you need to consider a few factors. The location of the lights should be between 1.5 feet and three feet away from the wall. If you’re using adjustable reversible fixtures, you need to place them further away from the wall. Then, you need to consider the distance between the lights. A single fixture can be placed at the doorway while another one can be placed at the side of the bed.

recessed lighting design

Recessed lighting in the bedroom can help make a room appear larger. The right placement of these lights will help the room appear spacious. The light will be more attractive if it matches the surrounding colours and patterns. For instance, if you’re using recessed lights in the bedroom, you’ll want to make sure the walls are covered with the right trim. You can add a dimmer switch to enhance your receptacles.

When designing your recessed lighting layout for the bedroom, you should be careful to consider where you want to place them. If the lighting is close to a wall, you should measure the distance between the wall and the task surface. The optimal distance is four feet from the lights and the wall. The lighting must be located in the appropriate housing for the room. If the recessed lights are too far away from the walls, you need to add accent lighting.


Recessed lighting can be placed anywhere in the room. In a kitchen, you can place them around the perimeter of the room and aim them at the edges of the counter or sink. The other non-recessed lights can be dimmed. This way, you can choose which is most beneficial for the room. You can also put them in the corner of the room to avoid suffocation. This way, the lights will not overpower the room, and you can use them wherever you want.

Recessed lighting designs for the kitchen are not limited to one room. Depending on the space you have available, you can create different layers of lighting for your kitchen and bathroom. Whether you want task lighting for the kitchen or bathroom, recessed lights for the kitchen can be placed anywhere in the room. Hence, you should choose the right level of accent lighting for each room. The general lighting in the kitchen is usually sufficient. If you want to accent and general lighting, you can install a light in a niche or soffit.

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