for change.

What we build today will outlive tomorrow.
Intelligent design is our opportunity to ensure our impact now, is valuable long into the future.

for change.

What we create today will outlive tomorrow.
Intelligent design is our opportunity to ensure impact now, is valuable long into the future.

Our vision

Sounds like utopia.

Feels more like necessity.

Architecture that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.
Environments that calm the soul and maximise productivity.
Products and design that not only do good, feel good, but keep a grin on your dial for years to come.

Impact that serves us, as much as the nature we live in. Really, too good to ask for?

We don't think so.

The most exciting part— is showing you how.

we create

For those who care.

Our work exists in a finite world, made of mostly finite resources.
Everything is connected. Nothing is without cost.

As a team of architects, designers and innovators, our mission is to use our skills, expertise and perspective to join the dots in the only way we know how— ethically and responsibly.

We apply technology, precision and practicality to embed sustainable, biophilic and human-centric design principles at the core of all our work.

Because making better isn't just the aspiration.

It's the reason we design at all.

pick a flavour

Design comes in many forms.

From delicate details to systems thinking and deploying cutting edge tech in construction and design— we create across a range of disciplines.

work with us

Make an impact. Leave a legacy.

It's why we create value at many scales: helping individual clients, communities, businesses and governments realise architecture, design and strategic thinking that is centred on nurturing and enhancing life, in all its shapes and forms.

With the tools we use and the information we have today, we know there's never been a better time to ensure what we create now is valuable for tomorrow.

Ready, set...

Get in touch!

Dreaming big? We'd love to hear from you!

Jump on the phone or drop us an email. We'd love to hear your story, and how we can help you on your mission.

kind words

From former clients:

At the time I was starting up my own Physio clinic and moving into a new suite in a recently built building. Hiranga worked with us to design our interior fit out and maximize the use of the space.

It wasn't too complicated but the area was challenging; lean, and some of the building structure cut into our space more than we expected. Hiranga managed to arrange our floor plan so these squeezes were less noticeable and even allowed for the possibility of us expanding into the suite next door in the future.

He spent the time to understand how we were going to work in there; with our treatment equipment, the storage we'd need, and how we would need to move around our patients to work on them. He did a great job with the dimensions we had so we wouldn't feel cramped with them.

We're used to our treatment and consult rooms being a closed box for privacy and lit with fluros, but Hiranga's design has given us natural daylight from the top and achieved the same privacy, with added flexibility for the future of our clinic.

We're very happy.

- Daniel Moore, owner of Every Bodies Physiotherapy
Even before meeting with Hiranga, l was completely confident he could help me with my project.

I highly recommend him to anyone considering renovating or building. The time he took to find not just the best solution, but the most functional and beautiful, will be sure to show in the finished house.

- Gail Power, Heritage Home Renovation